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# wellnessbodyguard # colonhydrotherapy # revitalizewellnessprograms # regenerativedetoxification # exclusivewellness WHY COLON HYDROTHERAPY? A PREPARATION TO PREPARE YOURSELF FOR A CHANGE TOWARDS A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE! - I am very excited that our programs include the option of professional colon hydrotherapy with Qi Nei Zang a traditional Chinese abdominal massage. Colon Hydrotherapy which is also known as colonic irrigation is a procedure that cleanses the thick mucous adhering to the inner wall of the colon by gently loosening up and removing this toxic gelly-like waste.

Depending on your personal condition you will have 1-3 sessions in the first week, no need to do it daily or overdo it, which gives you free time to do something else. When you stay 2,3,4 weeks we will assess your progress together and will decide if you need still more sessions after the first week.

This therapy is not a replacement or solution for attaining a healthy colon but it is very effective for people struggling with serious constipation, for overweight or obesity issues and as a preparation for our regenerative detoxification programs.

The most effective healing therapy for the whole digestive tract is to include in your daily nutrition as much as possible a high living raw carbon (a clean fuel) nutritional uptake. For those who can commit to a 100% raw living nutritional uptake with patience and proper food combinations, over time you can create non-smelling stool (No putrefaction or fermentation) and you will have more regular natural bulky bowel movements preventing thickening sticky mucous (plaque) adhering to the colon wall.

Together with the removal of the excess of mucus plaque adherence on the colon wall our programs will also focus on drawing out of the colon wall the interstitial acidity and congested acid lymph that the colon hydrotherapy therapy cannot reach but is a very important part of our regenerative detoxification procedures. Tissue regeneration and cleansing through proper bowel management and movement are very important in your journey to vibrant health!

As your lymph will start to flow more naturally and the kidneys filter more properly, over time your skin will start to glow and your energy levels will increase. This is the power of natural raw living fruits & leafy green herbal leaves and soft vegetables. This is the best inner and outer beauty treatment you can give yourself! No other foods have this beneficial effect on the Gastro-Intestinal Tract. Especially meat products, dairy products, starchy processed (Bread, Rice, etc...) and overcooked foods have the exact opposite effect. Dorris Wedding formal prom party dresses With long sleeve that look sexy

If you don't go to the bathroom for three days, start working on changing that, many of these cases can be remedied and does not need to be a life sentence while you are getting hooked on laxatives to release the constant discomfort making your colon even more lazier.

It is a fact that waste trapped in our muscular colon can adhere stubbornly to its walls and toxic environment making us weak and tired. The impacted materials impair the colon's ability to assimilate minerals and bacteria producing vitamins. This build-up of material on the colon wall also inhibits muscular action causing sluggish bowel movements.

Our professional colon hydrotherapy system is the most comfortable, safest and hygienic way to remove the excess waste in the colon. You will have privacy and relaxation during doing colon cleansing. The nurse will stand by to assist you. Stay Tuned! For further updates subscribe at

DISCLAIMER: This info is for educational purposes only and is not intended for medical advice.