Dorris Wedding purple lavender outfits for flower girl

Happy friendiversary my darling sister/wife! You mean the whole world to me and I'm so glad you came with me to CTE last November. You came with me for my body mods and I went with you for your tattoos. I feel like my life has changed in such a positive way since I met you! From dinner dates to concerts, meeting band members, talking about boys, traveling, theme parks, sleepovers, food, life's ups and downs, and everything we've been through I could never replace you! If any boy breaks your heart I'll stab them in the throat. If any girl throws hands at you just hope someone prays for them bc I ain't wit it. We listen to literally everything and I love how I can just be me and not feel judged. I can't wait to take you to SF3!!! I love how you're just obsessed with tres leches and harry styles and its just the cutest. You're precious. Okay goodnight I'll see you again soon! Dorris Wedding purple lavender outfits for flower girl