DorrisWedding red color wears for a prom look sexy

I'll jump on this one too I suppose.

1. Favorite smell? Wet grass right after it rains on a warm morning.... And coal smoke... gotta have coal smoke. ;)
2. Last time you cried? Couple weeks ago..
3. Favorite Pizza? Can't eat pizza.
4. Favorite flower? All of them?
5. Favorite animal? Match between dogs, cats, and Squirrels
6. Did you go to college? Yes
7. Untie your shoes or take them off? Untie
8. Roller coaster? Yes?
9. Favorite ice cream? Cant eat ice cream
10. Shorts or jeans? Jeans... i don't even own any shorts
12. What are you listening to? At this moment? Nothing.
13. Favorite TV show? Rick & Morty
14. Tattoos? 0. May change soon though...
15. Hair color: gray... used to be brownish black
16. Eye Color? Light brown
17. Favorite food? Sushi and prime rib
18. Favorite holiday? Christmas
21. Beer or Wine? Neither one.
22. Night owl or morning? Both unfortunately...
23. Favorite day of the week? Friday
24. Do you have a nickname? Nope.
25. Favorite season? Fall
26. Favorite place to get away? Don't have one yet...
27. Missing someone? Yes...
28. Dream vacation? Japan or Germany
29. What would you do if you won the lottery? Pay bills, setup a retirement, go have lots of fun.
30. Regrets? A lot actually...
31. Middle name? Nope.... thats personal...
33. Go back to secondary school? Maybe but probably not...
34. Ocean or lake? In what context?!?
35. Who do you think will do this? No idea.

Come on... someone do this with me! Let's take a break from negativity & learn about each other. Copy and paste into your status and change my answers. DorrisWedding red color wears for a prom look sexy