beige or ivory color wears for bridesmaid

ARTISTS : John ft banks


Intro ' john"

Fuck # LA [ lazy asses [ " chemically" these Nighas are BASES"

# banks

Hot like the sun , these niggas face me like sunflower
Time is money, I make millions every hour

Poke your nose in my business, I will make you smell my capital"
I put fear in these niggas like criminals in a judgement hall"

Am sick I can't hit , so I let these wackals suck my dick
I am nasty[ c ] see how I do the nose pick "

Am lyrically sick , the tested my rhyme book the results came out positive "
These niggas fear to battle me when im sleeping they say "evn when I'm sleeping am creative"

Am more smarter than Samsung S8"
My levels never touch the ground like a mini skirt

Prison brake in my mind ,I spit out bars to just to free Micheal Scofield "
Coming in my zone is like entering a Dangerous field

We all gat one minute to live and one minute to die
Am immortal i only hav one minute to put on a suit and one minute to put on a tie"

I penetrant your thoughts like a hard dick in a virgin pussy"
When I look in the mirror success is what I see

Am the rapping Osama genocide is the game plain
I inherited genes from Escober, murder runs through veins and brain "

I don't need your juice, am dope emcee save me a beer "
Am shaka I'll make your fans cheer when I pierce your ass with a spear"

Am starting to feel like a rap god "
Ice in my neck , I only wear refrigerated gold

This game is a pond ,and am starting to feel like a shark "
Am a turtle, niggas don't stab my back"

She said she don't give a fuck, I gave her dollar she kept it tight all night."
To wrong don't make a right , Buh it's not bad to fight.

I'll peel your skin off and jambo you skeleton
I Think louder than a Nokia 3310 ringing tone

I will Burn you ass alive , and sniff you ashes
I spit punchlines that smashes "

I gat wild thoughts, my brain need to be domesticated b4 I cause more violence "
You are about experience your death through my intelligence '"

This verse is a bye bye kiss on your dry skull
Then. Run over your skull with my vehicle

This aint pizza so I won't make piece [peace]
This shit is a masterpiece "

I gave her my long thick dick "
she went home with a walking stick without lipstick

# john

Kid first lemme cut your arms so that you wont catch your BREATH
Am in a race with people on broken wheel CHAIRS
Am known for blows like deadly wild BEARS" [ deadly world beers ]"
LEAVE your throat on a hook, That's an hang OVER" Am reigning [ raining] "
So your TRACKS "[ trucks] caring plastic BARS "[ plastic bags ], needs a PULL OVER"

KID you only sick, but am dead, ya call me a ghost WRITER " sure you need biblical VERSES " your flow is DRY, vocabrical terms, y'all shit is filled with basics English TENSES " life is a lesson, check these teaches, they hate my ABSENCE" [ up sense ]" undress the globe, I fuck the world, if you see hope in democratic VIOlANCE" [ via lense ]" beige or ivory color wears for bridesmaid

Your Brian is a TOILET, nigha you script spit shit "
You bars, are a prison" under construction in the rainy session", you will never be LIT"even if you money gave birth to off springs you will never be young Mullar like lii Wayne [ real when? ] I write sick lyrics, my pencils Nd pens " [ pain souls and pains]" are on MEDICATION "
my bitch has a sexy voice it got your ears on rounds OF MASTURBATION "

Am Ill, I make hope, sin [ hopsin ] my Brain is a cigerate am dope, my umbilical cord is connected to a cocaine TOXIN" with infenus. ALIEN carbonated OXYGEN" EXTRA cerebrospinals, my thoughts burn the life MARGIN "

CHECK my delivery, I gave birth to TRIPLETS " Am a Dracula" bring beef on THREE -PLATES " sniff your bones, BEFORE my acids EMSULFY your FRESH " watch this scene get fucked up like a black dick standing at your FACE"

LA, I spit your ASS'S with rusty Lemon GlASS'S" pull SODIUM HYDROXIDE, till you spit
Salt and WATER" connect your intestines to a electrical MOTOR" crash your tendons, separate OXYGEN " from your blood, I will be adding MORE _TAR "
CUT your Dick's into two, just to make you HALF -NAKED"