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Modern day life has led to many illnesses which were not so common earlier. Acid Peptic Disease or what is commonly known as gastritis is mainly a lifestyle disease. An unhealthy diet, poor physical fitnes and stress account for the suffering of most patients.
I recently had a patient, who complained of Intractable hiccoughs(continuous hiccups that won't go away), and had such 2 episodes in the last 3 weeks. I investigated for all the other reasons that could give her such severe hiccups like chest disease irritating the phrenic nerve, diaphragmatic problems, abdominal diseases and infections, kidney diseases; but found none. I subjected her to an endoscopy which showed stomach ulcers, which was the reason for the hiccups. bohemian style wedding collections on sale
I treated her as an inpatient for 3 days with anti-acid medications. But her longterm treatment is as outlined in Tibb, with a program for diet, exercise and correct sleep pattern and proper psychological health. I will also be undertaking HIJAMA for her to boost the functionality of her digestive system.