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The Alchemy of Love (2D)
Marriage was beautiful, really beautiful for Lade and Yemi. It was their dream come true. Family and friends were really happy for them and they were glad to share in their joy. It was true love at its peak and the lovebirds had it good, real good. Their lives was perfect, just how they had dreamed it would be. Such tranquility, commitment, love, mutual respect and understanding. They had no problem whatsoever settling into their marital roles as each helped the other the best way he or she could. Yemi had been given a four-day leave for honeymoon due to a little emergency at his office so they decided to make the best of the little time they had together until they had a more opportuned time to hang out together again. During their courtship, they had agreed to have a child in their marriage as soon as possible and of course there was no sacred place where they could not steal a kiss and enjoy their new marital status. Their wait had been worth it and they both agreed to explore their bodies to the optimum.
A month after their wedding was the Easter holiday. They took the opportunity to travel to a resort located near a beach as they could not enjoy themselves as much as they wanted nor have a prolonged honeymoon when they just got married. They set out on Thursday after the office hours and planned to leave the resort at the early hours of Monday dressed for the office with their luggage packed and ready in the boot a night before. They had made their room reservations over the phone having gotten the recommendation from a friend on the quality of their service, the staff and the beauty of the resort. They took the friend's word for it as they had no time to check out different resorts as a result of their tight schedule. Though they were always busy at their respective offices, they tried to make up for it by leaving home together always and coming back home together occasionally as allowed by their individual schedules at the office. It was a beautiful arrangement and both conceded that it helped their relationship more.
The trip to the resort lasted slightly over two hours. The trip could have been made in a lesser time but the holidays' last minute buyers and travellers made the journey slightly longer than they had been told but the newly married lovers were unaware of the length of time it took them to get to the resort as they had a lot of catching up to do. They gisted and snatched a kiss or two as they drove on in the heavy traffic jam. The driver on Yemi's left side looked at them in obvious displeasure, so they decided to make the man more uncomfortable by deepening their kiss. The man was so embarrassed he kept his gaze rigidly on the slow moving vehicle in front of his car. They laughed at his frown, it was obvious he thought they were irresponsible young adults, taking their parents car out to catch an illicit pleasure. They had waited long time to do this, one older man's approval or disapproving glance was not going to do much to quell their burning desire. They were unable to consummate their marriage the first day as a result of their tiredness. They had overslept the next day till midday when hunger had made them leave the comfort of their bed and the much coveted sleep in a quest to satisfy the rumblings of their bellies. They hadn't gotten much food in the previous day as a result of their happiness and obvious overjoy at having such a perfect wedding. They had gone to the market together with Yemi at the wheels and had gotten what they liked for soup ingredients. There were foodstuffs in the pantry and they made a quick lunch before they went back to catch a nap. It was at the second night that Lade felt the heat of Yemi's body against hers and for the the next four days, Yemi played the part of a careful lover helping Lade get used to her sexuality. It was her first time and she was getting a little bit agitated but Yemi didn't try to rush her, rather he spent two days loving her body and getting Lade acquainted with his. bridal gowns for wide shoulders
At first, she was hesitant and cautious but when she saw all Yemi was bent on doing was giving her undiluted pleasure at her pace, she allowed him to have full access to her body without holding anything back. Yemi was a patient lover, he kept on kissing her mouth and every inch of her body, he seemed to know every sensitive part of her body. He guided her hands to his manhood and her gasp was a pleasure on its own to his senses. The beauty of their lovemaking the third and fourth day was the perfect introduction to a world of sexual intimacy.
At the first thrust of Yemi into her, Lade felt a quick sharp pain that gradually faded away as the crescendo of their lovemaking increased and gently diffused as they climaxed almost at the same time. Yemi got hard again and they made a better sexual music together until both got exhausted and slept off in each other's arms. Yemi made breakfast for Lade and brought it to her on bed the next day and gradually they fell into a comfortable routine which suited them just fine. Yemi brought Lade breakfast on bed most Saturdays and they cook together on Sundays. The rest of the week's cooking was done by Lade though Yemi usually made her sit down in the kitchen while she watched him cook
At last they had gotten to their rendezvous, it was in a really beautiful environment, with a few domesticated wildlife strolling leisurely, a beautiful peacock was seen strutting around as it displayed the resplendence of its feathers. They went arm in arm into the reception area and paid for their rooms, it was an ensuite affair with a bathroom and toilet. One of the attendants at the reception came in with their luggage. They showered, changed and decided to see the recreational facilities available. They had a nice time looking and walking around a bit on the beach.
Before long, Yemi was nibbling Lade's ear and giving her a very thorough kiss at every opportunity, the atmosphere was charged and the air between them was alive, the sexual fires in their bodies was ignited. Yemi wanted them to be more adventurous and tried to make out on the beach but Lade demurred, insisting they return back to their room. Yemi understood and respected her inhibitions, he gently led her to their room and they did what they knew best to do.
The days flew by too quickly for them and it was already Monday morning, they had skipped church the day before and hadn't gone to the resort's Chapel, though they had sang along with the choir as they gave a beautiful rendition of the hymns and choruses which wafted through the air all around them. They checked out of their rooms, handing over the keys to the receptionist and they drove out of the resort as early as they could safely set out so that they could make good time in getting to their respective jobs. Yemi dropped Lade off first, then he drove to his office. Both made good time in getting to their respective offices that morning. They had planned to meet later in the day and go back home together after office hours. They did meet as scheduled and their fairytale marriage thrived year in, year out.
Before long their marriage was a month old, then six months. A year after the wedding, there were no signs of pregnancy not to talk of a child, then two years led to three years which led to them to their fourth year. The pressure started.

Culled from my soon to be released book, "The Alchemy of Love"
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