bridesmaid collations with 3 4 sleeve

Im currently 37+3 days with my first. I go to my doctor on tuesday to get a growth scan because they want to induce due to baby being very large. They want to induce me somewhere after 39 weeks which is in 10 days and i hope my labor starts naturally. So my question is ;
I have been having a tight uterus all over and painful menstrual like cramps in my lower abdomen/uterus but no back pain or slight lower back pain every once in awhile but nothing to really report on the back pain. At my last visit at 36 weeks i was dialated 1cm which i know can last forever but i have been freaking out about contractions. I feel like i wont know what it is when it happens or if im in early labor now or what these pains mean. If i had braxtons i never felt them so i dont know what to compare to. Last night i think my baby dropped lower because it felt like he was gonna fall out and it was painful to move or bend for a little bit but went away and then i kept getting woken up with period like cramps and everytime i shifted my weight it felt like the babys head rotated in my pelvis. I have had a very healthy pregnany and havent made one trip or call to my doctor with any concerns or pains and im just really stressing that im going to wait to long to go to the hospital or im going to go and they send me back home. How do you know what a contraction is. How do time them. Please help im at a total loss! bridesmaid collations with 3 4 sleeve

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