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Welcome December. You show up last as usual to prepare us for the future. It seems like just yesterday we were contemplating the month of January. Time indeed waits for no one. Whether we are ready or not, the gift of thirty one days courtesy of God's grace is all that is left of 2017.

As we reflect, evaluate and plan for 2018, let's not forget those thoughts that shaped some or all of the good choices and decisions in 2017. Thoughts that tasted bitter but equally changed minds for good. Thoughts that helped empty our cupboards of skeletons. Unforgettable thoughts worthy of God's stamp of approval. Lessen your load, only travel with essentials.

Do you remember all of the thoughts that impacted your life in the last eleven months?

Its often a tall order to remember all, but keeping records of some for future reference certainly is not too much to do. By virtue of what I do on a daily basis, I was able to record positive, motivational, inspirational and empowering thoughts each month to keep my focus on God. If we don't upgrade our thinking, life threatens to remain a mystery. Moreover, we must insist on taking advantage of our spiritual links with God. God is certainly open for business and we must use the currency of exchange, FAITH. budget-saving bridesmaid apparels in coral

What motivated you? Who motivated you? What inspired you? Who inspired you? Who empowered you? What empowered You? If you don't foresee a new normal you will be tempted to settle. Procrastination has robbed many of a breakthrough year. This is the perfect time to ignite new passion and make a commitment to unleash your talent. You've been bruised, battered and broken. Now comes the manifestation of the blessings. Can you handle the responsibility of elevation?

The eyes of our understanding must open to articulate the wisdom from everyday experiences. It is true that we all have different passions but we must acknowledge that sharing should always be the motivation for doing it in the first place. When you know God, you get to know life and perceive life from a spiritual standpoint. God gives you the dream and you're responsible and accountable for putting your faith to work.

My # WuWu moments have become my swan song as I confront and overcome the vicissitudes of life. Through the calm, the chaos and the orchestrated pressures of life, I find strength courtesy of my relationship with God through Jesus. My willingness to collaborate with the Holy Spirit enables me to pen down my innermost thoughts for the benefit of all. I love what I do and I do what I love. Sometimes I do it afraid because I know the outcome is signed and sealed in my favor.

The idea that someone, somewhere, whom I may never get to meet, gets to be effective at what they are called to do because they happen to read what I wrote gives me great pleasure. Let it be known that I do all in and for love because God deserves the glory. I simply tap into our divine source for everything. Wisdom remains the principal thing and I hope I have contributed in my own little way in making 2017 memorable for all the right reasons.

Where do we go from here?

Sometimes it is better to look back on those #WuWu moments that made you smile or made you sit up and face life head on with confidence and assured humility. Even the ones that made you cry served a purpose. Please indulge with me as I take a quick look at January 2017. I chose these six to wet your appetite once again and hopefully you will eat more of the same come January 2018.

Let me add some seasoning to my #WuWu moments to give it divine flavour. The Book of James 1: 2-3 says

"Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance."

1st JANUARY: If you can't handle the burden that often shows up before the blessing arrives, you're probably not ready for the blessing. Troubles are opportunities for us to build our faith muscles and increase our TENACITY to handle the responsibilities that comes with the blessing.

4th JANUARY: The SOURCE of our thoughts determines the effectiveness of our words and the impact of our actions. When you think like God, chances are you will speak divine manifestations and act in accordance with what has been done in heaven.

19th JANUARY: When it becomes increasingly impossible to see the light at the end of your troubling tunnel, have FAITH that God is slowly but surely orchestrating a mind change to enable you navigate through future tunnels.

20th JANUARY: A tiny demonstration of faith at every given opportunity is all it takes to please God. Faith in God causes the giants in your life to fall.

25th JANUARY: You can't have a season of harvest without a sowing season. Your expectations must be as a result of the seeds you sowed, not what you refused to sow. In time, sowers reap rich rewards.

28th JANUARY: God's peace brings sanity, closure and reaffirmation of why we had to go through what we went through for reasons we may never be privy to.

Please join me tomorrow for the best of February 2017. God is working and we are extremely grateful.

Stay Blessed.