chic prom wears look glittered and glamorous

What is this REJUVENIQE OIL you keep hearing about?!!!!
I call it "Gold in a Bottle"!

Here's what you need to know about this very special product that is in all our Products!


~ Invigorating blend of 11+ unique molecular ingredients
~ Reduces hair thinning
~ Nourishes and energizes the scalp
~ Adds incredible volume
~ Gives hair a long lasting shine
~ Mimics our bodies own natural oils

- Scalp treatment to nourish scalp, helps with dandruff
- Defrizz and super shine
- Add 1-2 drops per ounce of colour/lightener for added protection
- Protects from chlorine
- Split end repair
- Defines curls
- Tames flyaways
- Gets gum out of hair without breakage

- Soothes & protects agains rosacea
- Minimizes the appearance of scars
- Help reduce morning eye puffiness & dark circles
- Soothes cold sores
- Make-up remover
- Lip balm, or as a lipstick primer
- Men: use as a beard oil to moisturize skin, massage in
- Restores hydration & elasticity. Add 1-2 drops to your daily moisturizer to help with fine lines & wrinkles chic prom wears look glittered and glamorous

- Relieves dry, itchy, scaly areas or eczema
- Moisturizes dry, rough areas
- Protects from wind burn
- Soothes a sunburn
- Reduces the appearance of cellulite
- Soften the appearance of stretch marks
- Hydrate feet & smooth calluses
- Reduce & soothe razor burn
- Prevent chaffing by applying under bra straps
- Helps with itching from insect bites, hives, etc.
- Mix with sugar to make your own body scrub
- Apply to tattoos to keep skin hydrated & colour from fading
- Increases circulation
- Restores elasticity

- Helps nail polish dry quicker
- Prevents nail polish from chipping
- Helps to strengthen nails
- Moisturizes cuticles & adds protection
- Restores moisture

- Massage to relieve tension
- Relieve nausea by mixing 1 drop peppermint EO & 1 drop Rejuvenique and inhale deeply
- Diffuse a few drops to balance your spirit, replenish good vibes and calm mental fatigue

It smells so good & has a lemon scent !