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AS PER large scale study conducted among more than 60,000 children, it has been found that pre-term babies areat a higher risk of developing cognitive, motor, and behavioural difficulties in later childhood, affecting even their later school performance. Pre-term children are also twice as likely to be diagnosed eith attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. cocktail collections of lace
The World Health Organisation estimates that every year, about 15 million babies are born pr ... ematurely around the world every year, averaging to more than one in ten babies born globally. The rate of birth pattern across 184 countries ranges from 5% to 18% of babies born. In India, the figure stands at 3.5 million babies out of 27 million babies born, making about 13%, every year.
The following measures ca avert the risk of preterm delivery:
* Do not miss antenatal care. This is the best way to avert any preterm labour and identify signs. The doctor should be able to advice on how to eat right, what is ideal weight and what can be harmful for the baby.
* Some women are at a larger risk of delivering early. This is true for those who have had a prior preterm delivery; who smoke or drink; have a pre-existing health problem; etc. Understanding these can help to cope he situation better.
* Find out how much weight gain is apt for the body type and the baby. Too much weight gain can also cause complications like gestational diabetes and preeclampsia, a triod of oedema, proteinuria and hypertension during pregnancy.
* Consuming a nutritiousdiet is recommended.
----- Couttesy Indian Medical Association.

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