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(short story,in dedication to gender based violence).
The air was crisp,the sun was soft as it touched the earth on a faithful Friday.
The residence of Changalume bloomed with smiley flowers that kissed everyone's noses as they would passby and that brought peace in Patrick Changalume's heart for he would walk around the house garden to talk and reason with the creator each day after work and during weekends he would play around with his wife Sarah and his only daughter Florence in the same garden.
As usual he took his time to look at the flowers and thought of suprising his wife and daughter by tugging them along to the lake as he was sent to do a few jobs done around the lake area.
His journey to the world of flowers was cut short as he raced back to the house to announce the news about the weekend plans.
Saturday came with breakfast smiles and excitement hangover and all was set to go to the lake for it was their first time to go and peruse the lake and swim in the natural water.
The journey was exciting and thrilling as they held hands walking on the sand aswell as taking pictures.
Come Sunday late afternoon they had to return since Patrick had finished his assignment.
It was late afternoon that the sun was slowly going to slumber but they had no choice but to drive back home.
As Patrick drove his wife and daughter fell asleep and it was now quiet in the car with no one to talk to.
After some mileage he also began to dose off on the sterling wheel since he was also tired.
He tried to be steady but nothing helped and when he was awakened by a loud horn since he was not driving in his lane.
When he tried to control the car,it had lost control and lost the road and went over a ditch where he and his wife sustained a lot of serious injuries while his daughter sustained minor injuries.
When the ambulance arrived Patrick had kicked the bucket and his wife was in coma and Florence had lost consciousness.
After some hours Florence regained her consciousness and asked where she was and where her family was,prior to her age of 16 the doctor was able to explain what had happened and how she had lost her father and that her mother was still in coma.
She went to her father's funeral on a wheel chair since she couldn't walk on her own yet.
After the burial her uncle who was the younger brother came to live in the house as he was the only immediate brother to her father.
On the other hand her mother had gained consciousness but had lost her memory so the doctors thought it was wise to still keep her under their care to monitor her.
At home things were now hard for Florence since she had to cope with the environment of not having her dad around and also being in a wheel chair which she wasn't used to.
The few weeks her uncle was an okay person until he started to take his advances on her since she couldn't walk on her own.
During the first days he would badge in when he knew that she had just come out of the bathroom and would apologise if she would find her with one of the maids helping her get dressed then later he started coming at night to threaten her with a knife if she tried to shout.
The sun never smiled in her life again and she lived in fear of being stabbed to death.
Her mother was back in the house but still she couldn't voice out her pain that ate her to the core until she got pregnant.
Her mother on the other side faced the same treat and she was told that she would be thrown out of the house if she tells a fry about her condition.
After six months Florence got pregnant and she couldn't keep quiet anymore but tell her mother who wept bittery upon hearing her daughters story,Sam the uncle came back from his daily endeavours and found the two women in tears and demanded answers,with fear they let out the cat in the bag.
With no sense of shame and guilt Sam suggested that Florence should abort the pregnancy because it will cause chaos in the family and by force he drove Florence to the clinic the following day.
The doctorss didn't ask for anything but did what the uncle had said,Florence lost a lot of blood that she became very anaemic to a point of swallowing a fry.
She was hospitalised for a week and when she got home she thought the uncle will stop but then he got worse to the point of tying her mother to a chair and let her watch her daughter being molested each night.
Florence got pregnant again and this time he took her to the same clinic where Florence was helped by a young doctor who smelled the rotten rat in the bus and took the chance to ask Florence of who was the owner of thr pregnancy and why she would want to terminate it ,with rivers of tears Florence narated her story and the young doctor was touched and adviced Florence to report to the police about the matter but she said that she lived in fear of being killed by her lust-thirsty uncle. conservative wedding garment for over size ladies
The doctor made a plan to meet Florence again by telling the uncle that she would need to come for check up since her body was weak.
After two days she went back to the doctor as agreed and on that day she went alone since the uncle had some errands to do and he told her that he would just peak her up after the check up and this gave an opportunity to let the doctor have a test for rape and document a rape file and he had already called the police department.
The uncle unknowingly walked towards the doctor's office to hear of how the check up had gone and he was slapped with an arrest and was taken to police custody to answer the fine.
With also tests from Florence's mother and verbal evidence from the workers at the house the uncle was found guilty of the charges and was sentences to a lot of years in prison with had labour.
And the doctor was appreciated for his tip off to the police officer and that he didn't agree to the abortion plan in the first place.
Disclaimer: all the names in this story are fictitious and the story aswell.
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