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GUYS AND GIRLS, I am extending the free tux/ gift card contest and will have a drawing Feb 8th! Details below. I also want to add that in addition to the free tux/gift card, Rosey Posey's is giving away a free boutineer for the guy and a free corsage to the girl! Storming Photos will also include a free photo on prom night! court wedding dresses


In an effort to put more good out into the world, I will have a drawing to give away ONE FREE TUX RENTAL to a deserving guy, and a $200 GIFT CARD to one deserving girl!

To be entered in this drawing you have to be :

1. A High school student in Winston County. That includes Double Springs, Meek, Lynn, Addison, and Haleyville.

2. Show me proof of yourself doing a good deed or community service!

You can enter as many times as you like!

The WINNERS will be announced Feb 8th.

GUYS- this includes a Tux of your choice (jacket, pants, shirt, tie, and shoes) EVERYTHING you will need for Prom 2018!

GIRLS- you can use your $200 gift card on your dress, jewelry, or Alterations!

Start sending your entries in today!

Go do something good! Help your neighbor rake leaves. Volunteer at the Nursing home. Clean up your local park. Doing good costs nothing and you could go to Prom for free by doing so!