flower girl outfits of tulle

When MNK came out I shouted dat he needs me,nobody heard,now that Tithing n pastors scams is out,am out of it..
Let Africans live their knowledge but not blame me ever again,am nomore keen to join anyone in fighting for a fight God has not led me into.
Good luck religious and pure water and second hand television invaders,and now is Church and Mosque,maybe tomorrow,the next lucrative venture to consider might become Islam,then all the so called religious Christians would rush into it again. flower girl outfits of tulle
Hungry people who gets rid of all their greed in the toilet.
Stomach infra structural conductors.
Moral teachers who never is moral.
leave me to relax,speaking on those must be a waste of time on my part.
Microphone engineers whilst all the roads are falling apart.
Wise teachers whilst evil is multiplying.
May God save you.
Money lovers who never invents anything from their own minds but borrow borrow,
What has happened to their minds?
fake lives everywhere....carrying paper cash # upandan with fat belly and fat necks,people who have refused to grow.
at every nook and cranny whilst its people are been lynched on a daily basis,inside their mosque and inside their churches yet they keep mute as if its all okay.
Deceivers who later get deceived.
Money lovers who preach heaven but bury their money under the house.
Time to know who is who is now.