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This is why I be up , same hour on the hour. Mind racing wondering if the nigga that say he love you really loves you . Wondering what he doin , && who he doing it with. Wondering if he gone call you today but maybe not today because you was trippin yesterday && he never calls you or your text messages are always unnoticed. Thinking maybe your just to much for him && you should just let them keep fuckin the occasional bitches because your feelings aren't what he tryna hear right now. Thoughts of being to EMOTIONAL OR EMOTIONLESS. So change the subject bitch. Thoughts racing tellin you I'm not good enough because I'm always trippin. Thoughts overpowering what You really need to be worried about is your 4 year old daughter. Thoughts of assumptions. Thoughts of why me && will it ever go away. Thoughts of being alone when you dnt want to but You need to but not really (second guessing yourself) thoughts of planning things You dnt want to do but You should do them because your young && Your suppose to be living your life. Thoughts of what You should've did vs. what You actually did. Thoughts of do You really want to live to see tomorrow or do You just want to end it now. These are only some of all the thoughts that run through my head day&&night. See it's easier to say your up because you can't sleep or you went to bed way too early, but when in reality your up because your thoughts are running amuck && you cant even concentrate on sleep. Obsessively thinkin of ways to fix yourself , tellin yourself well maybe you should take your medicine today or maybe not today maybe tomorrow or ok maybe the next day. Just a lot of thoughts that YOU DONT want to think about. garments for bridesmaid in color aqua blue