grandmother of the groom dresses

I have to tell you all..... I have the best volunteers there are out there! Without a doubt. Not only do they works endless hours on some projects I scheme and create but for this Christmas/Holiday Event they just kept amazing me every time I turned around.

Faith wrapped every single (with the exception of 12) door prize we had. She did about 30 I think. Some were heavy, some were awkward. She'd come down to prep room and grab some and take them to my office to wrap. She even brought beautiful bows to put on them as well! They all looked so beautiful. And.. Faith serenaded us with a few Christmas songs in her most beautiful soprano voice along with our entertainer Krys.

Then Lainey was gracious enough to go all the way over to The Big Carrot so we could make vegan Christmas Treats too! Just so everyone could have a fun treat (The Christmas Trees & Santa Hats and snowballs). I didn't see that bill Lainey....

And we have a brand new volunteer, started with us just the other day. Came on Tuesday to help peel & cube 35lbs of potatoes! And on Wednesday came with gifts! 8 of them! 5 for ladies and 3 for the gents. They were care packs with hats/scarves/warm socks and mitts and hand warmers, a bottle of water and some gum! Varlo won one of these and she just loved it! She said it was wonderful to get something she could really use. grandmother of the groom dresses

Aseel did some last minute shopping for us too in the bitter cold on Thursday morning because we needed more vegetable broth for the vegan soup (butternut squash and it was amazing!) and got us some ice as well. And didn't give me the bill!!

And Sandy!! One of our turkey carvers didn't show up and Sandy stepped up to the plate and he'd not done this before either! According to our resident turkey slayer (Brian), Sandy did a fantastic job!

And then there was Lilly... who showed up the week before with 100 toothbrushes for the gift bags and 100 neck warmers for them too!! And on the day of the event.... she comes in with this huge heavy box just stuffed full of cleaning supplies. The woman that won it is just gobsmacked! She loves it Lilly! Lilly took pictures for us too.

Our wonderful Kim :-) For cooking our vegetarian meal and for taking an extra day off work just to be sure we were on track and got everything done!

And Ella, another new volunteer. She came for 2 of the 3 days and helped put up the tree and took a load of great photos too.

And Cassandra... with all that's going on in your life right now I can't say how thankful I am that you still came and jumped in with both feet for us. You went above and beyond doing those 5 hrs of roasting butternut squash for that soup and helping Nelleke haul those hot, cooked turkeys back here.

And Patricia and Maila...... thank you both for taking over the leadership roles out of the blue like that.

Nelleke.... We are all so thankful that you volunteered again for us this year. And to volunteer to do the turkey run!! btw, I will pay that ticket !! I heard about it. :-) We will talk.

And Mohamed, our wonderful videographer! I can't wait to see the finished video. I should have it in maybe a week or so, at least the rough draft of it. :-)

I don't want to forget anyone that helped out for this year's Christmas/Holiday Event. Knowing me I will though :-( But... Thank you Charlotte, Dean, Fred, Gracie, Hermes, Jack, Jeff, Johanna, Kim, Larry, Laura, Loxley, Lubna, Marie Alexander, Marie Adams, Olivia, Romano, Sazia, Suzanne, Teresa, Thu & Wayne.

Thank you just doesn't seem to cut it but I do thank you all from the bottom of my heart for making this another amazing Christmas Event. <3 <3 <3 <3 p.s. If I forgot anyone, please let me know!