green evening party selections

Episode 3, here we go! Macquel, Jacqueline, Lauren B, Tia, Malihk, Bibiana, Breathy Krystal, and Young Bekah were chosen for the 1st group date of the week. They went to a theatre and were publicly shamed, I mean, forced to wrestle each other. But first they had to learn how to wrestle. Two mean old retired women wrestlers came in and hurled insults at the ladies while teaching them some wrestling moves. Tia and Bibiana were in tears in the corner. It was all v embarrassing for all involved.
Then it was time to perform their moves in front of an audience. But first Kenny(!!!) came out and whipped Arie's ass in the wrestling ring! Way to make your Bachelor look manly and desirable ABC. The girls all fake wrestled and then mercifully, this date morphed into the night time talky part. BK (Breathy Krystal) stole Arie away first, to the delight of Bibiana. Bibi let BK get to her so much she spent her time with Girl Hands Arie complaining about BK. Meanwhile BK spent her time on camera talking about how strong her relationship is with Arie.
YB (Young Bekah) jumped in Arie's lap to make out and that was just the trick to earn the date rose. So gross watching them make out.
BK stated she doesn't want competition for Arie. Um, excuse me then why are you on this show??
Next up was the one on one date with Lauren S. Has she even been on camera since she got out of the Lauren limo?? I feel like I've never even seen her before in my life! Anyway, they flew to Napa and went to a winery. The word "AMAZING" was thrown around way too much. The wine, the winery, the silence, all was so AMAZING. What was really amazing was Lauren's confidence that she could pair that outfit with those tragic sneakers. While they were sipping wine they talked about sleeping and wearing cardigans. OMG! Sorry, I think I slipped into a coma watching this boring ass date! green evening party selections
At fake dinner Lauren would. not. shut. up. I mean Arie couldn't get a word in. All that yapping apparently got on Arie's nerves so he sent Lauren home with no rose. Back at the house the girls went nuts when a PA came to get Lauren's suitcase. BK took the stage and tried to be all knowing about love and Arie and this journey which made Caroline cry.
The next group date card mentioned that love is ruff. This sent Annalise into a tailspin of fear because she had a traumatic experience with a dog as a child because OF COURSE SHE DID. Is there ANY date ABC could plan where Annalise would be safe from traumatic memories??
The girls all go to the park and meet up with Arie and a million dogs. Dream date tbh, well, minus Arie. Turns out the girls would be learning dog tricks and performing publicly with the dogs. Cue another dramatic re-enactment of Annalise's childhood dog bite where she "almost lost an eye". Really?? I don't see any scars.
Fred Willard helped Chris Harrison emcee the dog trick show where they made Annalise the pooper scooper! Ha! None of the girls had any luck getting their dogs to do tricks. The dogs were probably as bored as I was watching this pitiful display. I just don't understand how these are "dates". But I digress.
That night at the after party Arie pulled Chelsea away to talk first. Jenna with the crazy eyebrows was dry humping him during their time together. She's nuts I tell you. NUTS. Chelsea interrupted Annalise. Things aren't going so well for Annalise. Chelsea got the date rose for some reason.
The next night at the pre-rose ceremony cocktail party Bibiana set up a lounger with a telescope for a romantic interlude with Arie. But he found it when he was with Lauren B and proceeded to take a string of girls to Bibi's spot to make out. WHOMP WHOMP.
Meanwhile Annalise made it her mission to get Arie to kiss her tonight. While she's touching up her makeup he took Tia to a pile of hay bales and shared some moonshine with her. Is this how people really picture the south? Lord help us! Some of the girls did a little math and realized Arie's kissed every girl but Annalise. Just then Annalise took Arie up to a balcony to ask for a kiss and got DENIED. Ouch.
Back downstairs while Annalise cried over being publicly rejected Jenna Eyebrows had mounted Arie again. I don't think she remembers she's on camera.
Annalise, who was JUST crying about being publicly rejected, decided to hunt down Arie and ask him point blank if there was any potential for love between them. He said No. No future between them, just don't see it. BYE. And walked her out. Dang.
It was time for the rose ceremony then. Becca K's dress looked like it blew a strap but I think it was like that on purpose. Tragic. Bibiana was sent home. I half expected her to throat punch Arie on the way out but she handled herself well. I expect to see her feisty self on Bachelor in Paradise or Winter Games.
Next week looks good. I'm always glad to see them leave the mansion and travel. Looks like more drama from Breathy Krystal! Can't wait!!! ?

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