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It'll sound unbelievable to your ears to know that this 25years old lady has stayed for over 20years without falling sick: malaria, typhoid, fever or any other illment even the least thing as headache. I shared a piece on my birthday "MY CHILDHOOD: NO ONE THOUGHT I'D GROW" though I posted it on my blog but shared it as promised. It all began on Sunday after service, I arrived home (lodge) with great joy of preparing a special jellof rice which I had bought carrot and green beans for. Of course, I wanted it to be a special Sunday treat for myself: eat, drink water or minerals and sleep like one who was denied sleep for ages. But unfortunately, I started having a slight headache. At first, I thought it waa just a minor something, I managed to prepare the meal of which I could even perceive the aroma nor get the taste worst still I couldn't eat it. The headache grew so severe that I wasn't finding it funny any more, had to rush out to start seeking for any available relive drugs because it was Sunday and the king's burial had been ongoing over the weekend therefore, no shop was permitted to open. After a long ultimate search for any drugs that could relieve me, a sister finally gave me a tablet she used earlier that day to relieve hers. I took the drugs, went back to my room and forcefully tried to sleep so as to relax my head. It was already night but this Facebook winches made me stay online till I was almost angry with myself. Finally, I slept. Didn't have a goodnight though, I managed to say some prayers in the middle of the night anf slept again, but before you know it, it's already 5: 30am! NCCF bell came ringing and our able brother Hezekial would ring and call out your eardrums for morning devotion! Well, I stood up but wasn't still strong though the headache had reduced but it was still lingering. I went back to sleep and right from my room, it seemed like that day's prayer was hotter than every other one. In my mind I just sighed and consoled myself 'God understands' because I still tried to follow up in my room. high street or monsoon bridesmaid collections

I put myself together for the day's activities: school and lesson. After I had finished up and retired home, I wasn't still feeling strong but atlest manangeable. Down to evening and it started again. Chai! This evening sickness. I slept again but waking up in the morning, I couldn't understand myself again. I struggled to dress up for my PPA didn't bath, didn't brush, didn't eat only took tea forcefully and off to my friend's room for us to walk together. I laid on her bed weak and shivering. She finished up and the third person joined us as we trekked to our ngbeke state primary school. On our way, I was walking so slow that they pressured I go back to the lodge but no I couldn't because I heard the headmistress is angry for my absent all this while so I just wanted to go see her and hear what my fate will be. On arriving there about 9am she was not even on sit. I sat down waiting to write my name on the attendance list, didn't know when my head exploded and there I was crying and panting for breath. The staff around took pity on me, told me I shouldn't have come, one man offered a 'voluntary service' pressing my abdomen even when I told him it's headache o. He said the headache is connected to the tummy. Chai! Na who do me this kind thing...