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As I appear to have absolutely no value in the State of Kansas ha! ha!. It appears that the rest of the world does not seem to have then generalized view of me. It appears that I could possibly be rubbing up against that of a genius IQ. Just a parting note. I had very productive and positive plans for the disability employment service programs throughout SW and NW Kansas. However, certain individuals felt the need to disrupt that chain of progress in 2012. Productivity in this area statistically has declined so dramatically I don't even understand why the West Region, in particular, is even receiving funding for operations????? At the rate I was building this program from 2010-2012, by now this program would have topped the charts and lots of individuals who are just sitting around their homes frustrated and depressed would have otherwise been out working, paying taxes, and being productive citizens. Well, that is not happening. FYI: I was informed there was a public agency struggling to recruit membership numbers, so I attempted to assist them. However, after a convicted felon currently on community corrections followed me and physically assaulted me in their public bathroom, it was the decision of the their leadership to ban me from the facility permanently. Ha ha!!! I do not believe that SW or NW really want help from anyone, especially me. I have jousted with these people for years or at least since 2009, and they just beyond reach people. I am really sorry I could not help anyone in the SW or NW Kansas area but that is just how it is going to be I guess. Therefore, why stay here. Everyone else, every place else is trying to recruit me as a part of their teams. Why not here??? Ha ha. Well, ok. I give up. If you want to fail that is your business. lace-up corset dresses for a wedding