maid of honor wears in fuchsia color

Since most People in the World are; nonconsensually, illegally, unethically, covertly, secretly implanted with various types of Brain and Body Chips. . . . . . .


DEACTIVATE YOUR CHIPS T. I.'s and Global Community!!!

Dr. Hildegard Staningers Recipe:
3 Tablespoons Oxiclean and 6 drops Peppermint Oil in 5 Gallons of Water for a Foot bath will deactivate the Government Brain and Body Chips. Put some mixture in a bowl and dab behind your Ears where the Brain Chips are before putting your Feet in the Foot Bath for 3 hours more or less every Day you can. The first time after 2 or 3 hours, scrape off the dead skin on your Legs with a dull knife and put the shavings in a plastic Ziploc Bag marked with the Date and Time. This is your proof and evidence of your nonconsensually implanted 'Mind Control' and Torture Chips for Court later. The polymers surrounding the Chips are found in these scrapings in small amounts. Keep it stored in your Freezer. Avoid Sugar as much as possible as Sugar hardens the polymers making it much harder to deactivate your Chips. Less Sugar, less Space Weapon / D.EW. Torture! maid of honor wears in fuchsia color

Invest in lots of (must be)'BRAGG' raw and unfiltered Cider Vinegar! 3 Tablespoons of it, a half Lemon and 8 ounces of Water each Day will; IMMEDIATELY clean your Body of and fight Radiation, make you lose weight as it tightens your Stomach and cleanses your whole Body of Toxins and junk which also makes your Skin very soft too. You can multiply this Recipe many times over also to save time. Big batches are fine.

Additionally, you can boil a Cup of Water, dissolve 1 Tablespoon of HIMALAYAN Sea Salt and 1 Tablespoon Baking Soda and drink it to also fight Radiation while fortifying your Body of 84 Minerals.