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A recap and put date on Faye's government phone issues. They asked her to re qualify in August, I did that for her. As the first of December neared, she kept getting messages asking her to re qualify. I returned to call every time, being told it has been done. The first came and she got no minutes. She called and they said if she does not have them in 24 hours to call back. The next day and no minutes, I called. They told me in 30 seconds, they see she has not send a copy of her food stamp card to finish the re qualification. Once sent in, it will take 48 hours. Well guess what? After 48 hours it was not back on. I once again call, and what happens now just blew my mind. I will just cut to the chase. They are very sorry, now that she was waited until after the first of the month, her account has now been deactivated and she has to reapply all over again. Now she would have to be without a phone for up to 2 weeks. mature wedding dresses second marriage
This poor lady is on a fixed income of with only $1000 a month. She owns her home, and pays all bills with this. She does get the food stamps, but was only getting $23 dollars a month. That was until this month. She got a letter from them saying her amount has been lowered to $19. Are you freaking kidding me! The only plus in all this is that she only has one full car payment, and one half payment of $80 left.
When her car was payed off, she was going to upgrade her cable from the basic 20 channels after all these years. Now she has bit the bullet, and upgrade her channels and added a home phone. She said that hopefully they will allow her to cut her last 2 payment into 3. Seeing as it is from a buy here pay here, they should. It's just a sad situation to put one of our senior citizens in. And trust me, I threatened going to the news about this, and the only thing it got has to be hung up on. Are you F***ing me!!!