old Hollywood wears for prom party

Why we stand for the American Flag

It's about those who died on Normandy's beaches, Who served this country as our history teaches. It's about Korea, and those frost bitten warriors in the cold, who left family and friends behind doing what they were told. It's about Vietnam and a country that seemingly did not care, But the pride of those gone before us kept them going there. It's about Pearl Harbor and the devastation it did bring, that renewed the meaning of "America the Beautiful" we sing. It's about Bataan, Iwo Jima, Corrigedor and the horror care. It's about the civil war, and World War 1, and why we today are free, and a job well done. It's about untold suffering, by a veteran's family and friends, who prayed each day, that the tragedy of the war might end. It's about Irag, Afganastan, and uprisings throughout the world as the sons and daughters, answer the call, behind our flag unfurled. It's about a Mother and Father, and the offspring they loved so much, who long for a day, that they might just feel there touch. It's about those in every war, America has, and will ever fight, and carrying the torch of freedom, from the darkness to the light. old Hollywood wears for prom party