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My name is Tracy Brown....A foot into my third month of pregnancy, I only realized that i was pregnant. I was unable to remember my last menstral date, this made calculating my birth month difficult. The much I could remember was that I saw my period last in the month of February. Thus by my own estimate, I concluded that I was due by November. From the Ist day of November, I started expecting my baby, on the same day, I got an inspiration from the Holy spirit to always pray psalm 91 daily ( This I will score myself 60/100 as I failed to pray it some days). While doing my morning devotions and studying the Bible, I hear the Holy spirit say to me when I get to some certain scriptures, put this to heart. This He ( the Holy spirit ) did with so many scriptures of which I did commit to heart. At the end of November, I was already worried why my baby hasn't come considering that my Ist and 2nd babies all came at their due dates and I birthed them naturally. Though at sixth month of conception (by my estimate) I did an ultra scan which gave me an expected date of delivery for 10th December 2016 which was considered a late scan for due date by the doctors. On the 5th of December 2016, (still pregnant ), I noticed that my baby's movement has reduced, so i decided to go to the hospital the following day being 6th of December 2016 for my antenatal and equally complain same to my doctor. After explaining to my doctor of the reduced fatal movement, she suggested that I go do an ultra scan immediately. When the result came out, it was recorded that my baby's heart rate was good, the tone was zero and movement was zero. With this result, the consultant who reviewed my scan result quickly asked that my baby be brought out through Caesarian Operation. This scuttled me, with tears I agreed to go ahead. The operation was successful, my baby and I where safe. On the 7th of December while in the post natal ward, during the normal routine injections for pain, infections and all, two injections was administered on me. Immediately I received this injections, my body started shutting down. I called for the nurse who gave me these injections and questioned her what she gave me and while all these was going on, my body was still shutting down. I sent for my immediate younger sister who is a doctor in this hospital. Before she arrived, a doctor has already tried to administer drip on me but was unable because my veins can no longer be seen. When my sister arrived at the scene she asked me who gave me the injection, I pointed at the lady nurse who did. My sister also tried to administer the drip and it was all in vain. Other doctors tried and all to no avail. I could see them poking my body but I was not feeling any pain and for any part of my body they poked even blood didn't come out. With tears in my sister's eyes she screamed my name, I could see her hit me but i didn't feel her hands on my body. At this point, nothing was left to be done than to wait for me to breathe my last. Now I noticed that all my veins withdrew inside and water took over my flesh. It started from my toes, as the veins (which was like a force) withdrew from each part, I stopped feeling that part of my body and water will cover that part which made that part to swell. This continued until I could not feel any part of my body anymore. My Aunty was already in tears. I was still conscious of my environment and I can still see and hear, so one of the doctors came to me and said please can you see this drip, please allow me to administer it on you while massaging the last finger of my right hand. While he was doing that, I realized that I had no other option but to cry out to my God. Before I died, I saw that the doctor inserted the needle into that area he was massaging, after that, I passed out. (died). My spirit man started calling on Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, please give me a second chance, please have mercy on me, for the sake of my destiny. Now, all those scriptures which the Holy spirit asked that I put to heart, I started declaring them, begging on Jesus for a second chance to live but He did not answer me. I continued to beg then I heard a Voice say to me "I AM HERE". Knowing that is Jesus, because I have been calling him, I continued to plead for mercy and declared those scriptures to Him. At this point, He ( Jesus Christ) called out my name Tracy Brown and I answered yes My Lord. He told me all that I have done. He spoke about every area of my life that has displeased Him. These included my marriage, my destiny, all the businesses/ jobs or organizations I have ever worked with. He left no stone UNTURNED. I continued to plead for mercy and a second chance to go back and right all my wrongs. Jesus now asked me, are you willing to do all that I have said (The restitutions , my marriage, my destiny etc). I answered I will do it, I will do it, I will do it. He said to me, if I let you live again, you promise to amend all your ways and do that which I have called you to do on earth? I answered I will do it Lord. Then He asked me the scripture which he gave to me that anchors my life and purpose here on earth, I quoted it for Him. Now he said, your Ist assignment was to forgive your husband and ask him to forgive you too. He equally said that henceforth, that my husband's word is a LAW to me which I agreed. He said " as I let you live again, immediately you regain consciousness, call for your husband and make peace (He told me all I am suppose to do in this regard). He still asked "will you do it? I said I will do it, and he said Deal? and I answered deal. Then I saw a mighty gate black in colour about 15 to 20 story building in height and the width was so massive too, close on its own accord. A gigantic padlock was used to lock the gate. Written on Top of the gate was OUT OF BOUND FROM HELL, Beneath it was written FORGIVEN. Immediately, a mighty gushing wind entered back into my body starting from the point at which I saw the doctor insert something into me before dying. As the wind moved, any part of my body it gets to, I felt that part. This continued until to my toes and I regained consciousness. While the wind moved, it dried up the waters that has taken over my body (This was why when the doctors tried to administer drip on me, they couldn't and no blood came out which also swell all my body). As I returned back to life, I screamed for my husband (calling him all the names Jesus asked that I call him). I Jumped out of the bed as I saw my husband running to me with a smile that I have never seen on him since I married him. We hugged, kissed-in fact, I was over joyed. I asked them( my husband, my sister and aunty) lets go home, I am fine. All the pains of Caesarian Operation was gone. I was jumping, screaming. They tried to calm me down which I refused because of my experience. At this point, I started preaching to all who could hear me in the ward were I was. They pleaded and pleaded that I should lie down and rest which I finally agreed and sat back on the bed. Then I asked my Sister - are you about to move my body to the MORTUARY? which she said YES and that she has already called our daddy and brothers. red bodycon knee length dresses
My Beloved ones, the Lord Jesus Christ gave me a second chance to live so I can fulfill my purpose here on earth. Praise be the name of our God!!!!!.
Dear reader, the human mind is yet to conceive a word for what happens to a man/woman who dies without Christ Jesus. Agony, pain, torment etc does not describe it. The worst thing that can happen to you is to die without Christ. Please, pursue peace with all men, owe no man nothing but love, live peacefully with all men. If they want your trouser, give them your shirt too, if they want your skirt, give them your blouse too, meaning if they slap you on one check, turn the other for them. Lay hold of eternal life, work out your salvation with fear and trembling, have nothing in this world but CHRIST JESUS. Getting married, wealth, houses, having children, name it are all frivolities/Vanity upon vanity. I pray that my testimony will help you to make a decision for Christ. Stop TOYING with sin (there is no small or big sin), (GALATIANS 5:19-21) stay on the Lord's side, find your purpose here on earth and work at it, fight the good fight, do away with anger, malice, and all vices.( 1JOHN 1:8-10)
God gave me a baby boy but it counts for nothing if I die without Christ. He gave me a second chance....will HE give You???. Remember He is Supreme(you cant question HIM) READ HEBREWS 4:13. HEAVEN AT LAST!!!. SHARE TO ALL YOUR CONTACTS. Be a true messenger of christ
Repeat this: OH GOD, I depend on you. I have no power of my own. When things are going well for me, I know they have come from you and that I have no power of my own. In my trials I rely on you. In my temptations I trust in you. My success is in your hands and so is my life. I have no power of my own. Oh God, I cannot do without you. Save me from all evil and guide my going out and coming in , now and forever more. Amen. This prayer is so powerful. Pass this to 20 people even more. Do not break. Does GOD come first in your life? If so, stop what you are doing and send to 20 people. DO NOT BREAK! Just do it with faith!