turquoise color prom party selections

I have a serious mom or parent question... so I went prom dress shopping with Aubrey a couple weeks ago, she found her 1 and we got it. Since I have had 2 dreams that I got into heated arguments with other moms who slut shamed her after pictures were posted on social media and it has given me straight up anxiety. Probably because I have been given a couple looks when I showed pics of the dress and I have even felt trepidation when someone has asked to see it. I’m the 1 who found the dress and showed it to her and she absolutely knew as soon as she put it on that she had to have it. Aubrey definitely has an edgy side to her and a I don’t care what people think attitude and it’s part of what I love about her most. Then there’s this horrific self loathing that many girls go through and they hate their bodies and are constantly worried about the way they look and what they wear and she is confident and careless and I envy her when it comes to that. I personally like the dress and she looks killer in it but I worry about other judgy moms attacking us in May, May for God’s sakes I’m having dreams about May!!!! So my question is as a mom do you stifle your daughters style or do you put up a big middle finger and let your girl be who she is when you know who that young woman is and she’s actually smart, caring, funny, unfiltered when need be, honest, sensitive, and by all other means than maybe dress, very modest??? turquoise color prom party selections