wedding collections With removable cap sleeves

Why do we tailor R25000 wedding dresses that'll be worn for only a day instead of hiring a wedding dress for R5000 ?

Why do we have a traditional wedding the first day then the following day we have a white wedding ? Isn't the traditional wedding our wedding in our tradition ? & the white wedding , a tradional wedding for whites ?

Why do we put some much pressure In ourselves to look good for other people when everything else in our lives is not going well?

The money we spend to celebrate every weekend , can't we use that same money to secure a future for ourselves ?

I earn more or less less than 6K a month but I live In an estate & can maintain my own car & lifestyle , if you asked me how , I'd tell you none other than budget , how many R1000 have you gotten week in and out , you mean R4000 rent is a lot ? Yall spend it every weekend nidakwe nivuse abo mamenu , WAKE UP black child wedding collections With removable cap sleeves <3

Life is not only on how you ball for us on weekends !!!