wedding dresses in peach color

A friend of my sisters in Eugene rescued two dogs. A man was beating the little white spotted one and threatening to do it to the little brown female that now has babies two days old. The gentleman actually paid the guy to get the dogs away from him. His problem is that he has a lot of health issues including seizure activity. His mom has breast cancer. After caring for them for quite a while, They cant really care for the dogs properly any longer, an ... d then there is the landlord! He has given them 48 hours to get the dogs homes or they will just be dropped off at the humane society where they probably wont live long. They are in need of homes NOW. Evidently they are very loving and great wth kids. Can anyone help these little dogs. I think the man should be on our hero list just for getting them away from someone brutalizing them.. They are in Eugene Oregon. IM my sister Stranded Beads if you can help. PLEASE wedding dresses in peach color

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