what to wear for a maternity brides to a wedding

Taboo/BDSM/Kinky Mom.

Seema is a 45 year old divorced working mother. She is working as a senior manager in a leading private Bank for last 25 year. She got divorced a couple of years back after having some long term marriage issues. Even though she is single now, she kept men from at arm's length distance and never gave any kind of signal to anyone and focused on work and son. She is confident, smart, good looking and respected woman and known for her moral standards. Her son Kunal, 24 is working as a network engineer and staying with her mother, whom he loves more than anything and always stayed and helped his mother. He always respected her mother for taking care of him and how she has grown him in the absence of his father.

Today is Seema birthdays. She is turning 46 today. Rahul, has some surprise planned for her mother. He brought a big Stawberry back cake, her mother's favorite. Thinking it will be a nice surprise for her, as the clock is about to hit midnight, he walked onto her mother's bedroom and noticed the lights were still on and it is coming down the door. He starts to tiptoe and start to hear some sounds (main) Coming out of the room. He is surprised and start to wonder what are those sounds as he moved to be a door. He placed his ear on the door gently and got surprised and excited hearing the moan all of a sudden and starts to think "Is mom is watching a porn? But it sounds like her voice." And a sudden thought came to his mind" oh oh. Mom is self pleasuring herself". He had a sudden hard on inside her shorts. Even he realizes this is wrong, he can't stop listening to the moaning of his mother. He placed the cake on the floor so he can hear it better, but to his luck, he made some noise and the moans stopped. "Fuck" Without giving much of any though, and afraid of getting caught, my his mother, he ran into his room and locked the door. Seema heard the noises and got disturbed, wondering who is that, she opened the door and saw the cake at the door. She picks it up and opened, it was her favorite strawberry cake with a note"To the best mom in the world". She realized it was her son, but not sure if he heard or knew what she is doing.

Kunal can't resist and keep on thinking about his mother, rubbing herself like she saw on some MILF porn and jerked a couple of times before he can sleep. On the other hand Seema is a bit pissed as her orgasm is ruined, but happy to see the cake. Next morning, Seema is preparing breakfast as Kunal walks with those dirty thoughts in his mind. He saw the cake on the table and got nervous realizing he left it in front of her door. Seema noticed Kunal walked in"Thanks for the cake, Beta". Kunal wished back "Happy Birthday mom, I hope you liked the cake". She replied "Yes, I did, you are sweet and the cake is beautiful." Even thought her mom is acting normal he is still nervous and feeling sexually aroused looking at her ma ball gags wearing a sleeveless v neck kurti perfectly wrapping her C-Cup breast and the tight legging covering the ass and thick thighs. As they sit on for breakfast there was an awkward silence as Seema noticed her son is not looking into her eyes and she realized maybe he heard her last time and the tension grown before the completed the breakfast, it was a weird kind of situation and Seema left for the Bank.

Kunal was curious, excited and nervous at the same time. He was kind if relief that his mother was out for work. But now all he can think of her as a sexy MILF. The taboo things he watched on porn is becoming her reality. He is now curious to know about her mother. Having all those though in his mind, he walked into her mother's bedroom for the first time with an intent to find something naughty about her mother as he starts to search the room carefully. He came across the dress and saree, which he already saw her wearing. As he wanders some more, he came across the lingerie, but these don't look like the ones most Indian women wear. These are of different colors and styles, and the panties are so small for her. He got more excited as he keeps on looking and searching around. He dropped his pants and starts to play with his organ while checking his mother stuff with the other hand. He starts to see the drawers and everything is arranged so neatly with her makeup, towels, etc. etc., which is going by slow but found nothing fancy or exciting. He reached the last drawer and as he start to move his hand over uslowly, he felt something, something hard and as he removed the towels he is excited and surprise more than ever before. He found his mother sex toy stash and a jet of cum came out of his organ and splash on the drawer. "Oh fuck" without caring about it he start to inspect tson, and, it is tries one or two but many. Dildos, vibrators, anal beads son's ball gag, all those things he only saw over the internet. And in her greatest of imagination, he never though, her mom will be so kinky. Even he felt more nervous now, thinking and Imagining his mother playing with these last night. He arranged the things like they were before to his best and cleaned the cum from the drawer and wall before leaving the mother's room. what to wear for a maternity brides to a wedding

Seema keep on thinking while she was an office, that her son knew about her and what he must be thinking about her. How can be so careless. She already noticed the tension early morning while having breakfast with her son. She is not embarrassed rather got bit aroused thinking at it. "what the hell I am thinking.. I am such a bad mother" she can feel the moist building up, when she thought about all these. She ordered some more work and kept herself busy so, she did not have to think about it. Since, it is her birthday and to light up the situation, he told her son to meet up at the restaurant they both love. Kunal got dressed and reached the place where his mother is already waiting. Even he was preparing to ignore the thoughts. As the even went by, things looked to be normal between mother and son. They are back to the self and talking freely and having a good time. As they tried to find a cab, seems like no cab is available, without other option they booked a shared cab. They were waiting for the rest of the passenger on the back seat as already someone as occupied the front. When the other passenger arrived, it looked like it is going to be a bit tight for three people. When Kunal made some more space for the other passenger, things look the heat up again between the mother and son. Kunal got close, put his hand on her mother's shoulder to become comfortable. Seema got nervous for the first time sitting next to her son and as she try to adjust herself. The side boobs are touching her son chest and that made Kunal horny and nervous. They someone managed to stay calm during the ride back home and went to their room silently.

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